Meadow Sweet Apiaries is a producer of Local Queens and Nucleus Colonies. Whether you are just starting out or want to replace your current queen with a local queen from survivor stock We can help you here!  I have also published a new book on swarming entitled "Swarm Essentials" that can also be purchased here.


2016 Nucleus Colonies (or nucs) are great for getting a fast start.  They are typically made up of 5 frames with a mated laying queen, brood of all ages as well as frames with honey and pollen.  Frames are less than two years old and in good shape.  5 frame nucs are comprised of at least 2 frames of brood a frame of honey a frame of pollen and a frame that may be partially drawn to allow for growth.  These nucs will grow fast.  Available Early/Mid April - $150.  No frame exchange.    Contact us to order.



SOLD OUT FOR 2015 -Our locally mated queens are raised from proven stock.  They are Carniolan based and open mated with local drones.  This year, we will have daughter queens raised from pure Russian queens as well as local survivor stock.  Color will vary as we select for survivorship, productivity and mite resistance.  Prices include marking if desired.  Shipping cost will vary depending on method used (prefer to ship overnight due to less stress).

It is usually best to plan ahead if you can when ordering queens so that you know that we will have them available, although there will be times where accidents happen and you need a queen NOW!  Meadow Sweet Apiaries can help you with any of those circumstances!  Mated queens will be available starting early June.  Virgin queens and cells are also available for purchase.  You can order and find more information here.  Prices range from $10-$30 for ripe queen cells to mated queens. SOLD OUT FOR 2015

Swarm Essentials Book - 128 pages.  Swarming is one of the most powerful instincts that most successful beekeepers encounter. Swarm Essentials outlines the ramifications of swarming behavior (highlighting the often overlooked benefits), proven prevention and management techniques, and how to recover and even prosper from a successful swarm attempt. Second generation beekeeper Stephen J. Repasky's inaugural publication marks the latest addition to the Essentials series and is an excellent read for any beekeeper who hopes to make it past their first year.  Price $23.00 includes shipping and handling.  Purchase Here!