Meadow Sweet Apiaries offers a variety of products depending on the season.  

We focus on three types of honey - Spring, Summer and Fall.

Local Honey -   Our local honey is most easily placed into three categories.  Spring Summer and Fall.  The color and flavor varies from a light bodied, sweet, delicate and lightly colored spring honey from the flowers of maples, dandelions, black locust and basswood.  The amber colored more fuller bodied summer honey comes from our clovers, sumacs, blackberries and numerous wildflowers.  The season ends with a rich, dark, full bodied fall honey made from the flowers of knotweed, boneset, goldenrod and asters.  Price varies from $8.00-$10.00 per pound.  SUMMER HONEY NOW AVAILABLE!

Propolis Tincture - Our propolis tincture is an extract of 40% propolis and 60% grain alcohol.  Propolis is a product that bees collect from various trees and is used to seal gaps in the hive and more importantly keep the hive healthy.  Propolis has been shown to to have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.  Some like to use it to help in taking care of sore throats, boosting immune systems, and various other ailments.  Caution should be taken when first using pure propolis products as a small percentage of people may have a reaction to it.  Price:  $15.00 US  Product currently SOLD OUT.

Let your lips bee kissed with our all natural lip balms made with local honey and wax1

Tube Lip Balm   - This lip balm has been noted to have the smoothness to keep your lips healthy and soft and have the smell and delightful taste of the popular after dinner mints!  Great for putting in your purse or pocket and made from all natural ingredients and local wax and honey.  Keep your lips looking great - bee kissed everyday with Meadow Sweet Bees lip balms!  Price: $3.00 for a .15 oz classic tube.  Product currently in stock

Healing Lip Balm -  The Healing Lip Balm is similar to the tube lip balm but has some different natural ingredients to assist in quicker healing for chapped and cracked lips.  Our healing lip balms contain jojoba oils to keep your lips soft and a small amount of propolis to help your lips heal quicker.  Price:  $4.00 for a .25 oz tin.  OUT OF STOCK.

Creamed Honey - Creamed or spun honey is a fabulous form of honey that is fantastic for spreading on toast, peanut butter and honey sandwhiches or just having a non drippy form of honey for your tea!  Creamed honey is honey that has been crystallized by controlling the time and temperature at which the honey crystallizes producing small, smooth crystals that are very palatable.  Price:  $9.00 per 12 oz jar.  Product currently OUT OF STOCK

Let your hands bee soft and lovely with our bee touched moisturizing lotion.

Moisturizing Lotion - This light and lovely lotion will keep the dry areas of your skin soft and moisturized.  Made with natural ingredients and local honey, this can be used year round.  Bee Touched with this lotion!  Price:  $8.00 for a 4 oz bottle.  OUT OF STOCK.

Cut Comb Honey - This is honey still in the comb straight out of the hive!  Cut comb is produced by allowing the honey bees to build fresh delicate wax and fill it with a nice light spring honey.  This product is often in very limited supply.  It can be eaten just as is or prepared as a nice little dessert.  OUT OF STOCK.

2 oz honey bears make great gifts!

Honey Bears - These 2 oz honey bears make great stocking stuffers, shower gifts or wedding favors.  They are also great for quick trips or travel on airplanes  (TSA approved!).  They are filled with the honey available at that particular time of the year when ordered.  Price: $2.00-$2.50 per bear.  Product currently available.

Cut comb honey leaves a wonderful taste in your mouth as the delicate wax melts away t a light sweet honey.

Pollen - Bee pollen is a super food.  Filled with amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals, pollen is taken orally as is or mixed with yogurt or made with smoothies.  It often has a tart flowery after taste.  Colors of pollen will vary with the time of year that it is collected.  Prices vary.   OUT OF STOCK.

Pollen is a great superfood filled with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.