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It is here that we do what we can for the honey bee.  Honey bees play an important role in our environment. They are responsible for pollinating 80% of our crops - thats 1/3 of all the food that we eat!!  Please do your part and support your local beekeeper by buying fresh local honey and refraining from exterminating honey bees that may be located in the walls of your home or a swarm that has landed in your yard.  We can help solve those issues for you in a safe responsible way while still protecting your home, your property AND the honey bees!!

Stephen Repasky - EAS Master Beekeeper, Author and Consultant

Products from the Hive

We offer several different products from the honey bee colonies that we manage in the Pittsburgh area.  Honey, lotions and lip balm are just a few and we are always working on developing more!  Please visit our products page for more information.

Honey Bee Removal

If you have a swarm of honeybees that landed on a shrub or bush or some other location, please contact us immediately! If you have an established colony inside of your wall and you would rather have them saved and relocated than extermintated, I can help!  See my services page for more info.


Interested in becoming a beekeeper?  Then this complete beginning beekeeping course may be for you!

Specializing in Beekeeping Consultations, Local Queens and Nucs, Beeswax Products, Local Honey and Colony Relocation Services.

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