Meadow Sweet Apiaries

Stephen Repasky - EAS Master Beekeeper, Author and Consultant

Stephen Repasky is a second generation beekeeper living in Pittsburgh, Pa  He is a Certified Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society and also the current President of Burgh Bees (an Urban Beekeeping association representing pittsburgh and allegheny county), 1st Vice-President of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association and sits on the Board of Directors for the American Beekeeping Federation.  he is also active member of the Pennsylvania State Apiary advisory board and the Penn state center for pollinator research advisory board.  

As Stephen began getting more involved with honey bees in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, the number of colonies also grew and the need for a formal name arose.  Meadow Sweet Apiaries, was then established as the popularity of his honey, removal services and educational presentations grew.  

Stephen has been involved with bees since the age of four when he would help his father tend to the honey bee colonies on their small farm in southwestern Pennsylvania.  After a brief hiatus, and graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Stephen began keeping bees again this time on his own.  His first year was a rough start.  The first few colonies were swarms caught in July - unfortunately, those bees did not survive the winter.  The next year, with an earlier start, and several more swarms, Stephen's beekeeping took off.  Those 3 colonies have since turned into nearly 100 colonies of honey producing hives, a queen rearing operation and also the selling of nucleus colonies each summer to those looking to start or expand their own beekeeping adventures!  He has published his first book in January of 2014 entitled "Swarm Essentials" through Wicwas Press and can be found presenting lectures on a variety of beekeeping topics around the United States.

Some of the mating nucs for queens and production hives of Meadow Sweet Apiaries

Some of the mating nucs for queens and production hives of Meadow Sweet Apiaries